Saturday, 11 August 2012

Not so much wisdom

Recently I had to undergo one of the most painful experiences most adults share in common - A wisdom tooth extraction. Now I've already had three of the buggers removed but this one seemed to scare me the most. I was convinced they were going to have to cut away a part of my gum to get the sucker out. Meaning not being able to eat properly and being in a reasonable amount of pain for quite some time.

So I turn up at the Dental Hospital 15 mins before my appointment, make myself known to the reception clerk and take a seat. I quickly get bored of the old magazines they have, and trying to keep my nervousness to a minimum I take a look around at the other patients. One woman in particular keeps my attention. She's white, probably around her mid 20's and she's talking to a rather well dressed older couple who are sat opposite her. The older chap looks like he'd be more at ease sat on the deck of a small ocean going pleasure boat with a very expensive single malt with ice in his hand, As he looks out over the Monte Carlo marina. But don't get me wrong he's still listening to what this woman has to say with no hint of any pompous "I'm better than you attitude" Which really surprised me. This mid 20's girl is obviously out of her face on something - whether it's medicinal or recreational I don't know. I overhear the story of why she's there: Apparently she was out with her boyfriend (at the pub I assume from the way she talks about it) and someone had asked her for a cigarette, she refused to comply, and was then thoroughly beaten by two black guys. The beating included kicking her in the face when she was on the floor. She then explained that she had gotten an infection as the face kicking had caused one of her teeth to crack - exposing the nerve. And as she moved around I could see the lower left side of her face was quite swollen. I start to feel sorry for her a little bit. And I'm quite impressed that the older couple are listening to the girls story without being rude (guess that shows my low expectations of people).

Her boyfriend then walks in. A very skinny Black guy in his early 20's. He walks up to her and gives her a drink and starts scoffing on a hamburger, he looks over at me and I can see by his eyes that he's "off his tits". Strangely I suddenly lose all sympathy for the girl.

During the course of the next hour (yes, that's the joys of the NHS: You turn up for a scheduled appointment and then wait another 60 mins to be seen) He has a conversation on his phone whilst pacing up and down the waiting area swearing at the other person in a violent way. He accuses one of the other waiting patients to be a police officer and try's to wind him up by placing calls for bags of "potatoes" - and refers to the devilishly cunning scheme as reverse psychology. All the while getting more and more fidgety.

Try as I might though, I just couldn't feel any sympathy for him or his pained girlfriend.

I think I'm turning into my father.