Sunday, 15 July 2012

Going Through the Motions

So what happened next?

Well I just soldiered on for a while. Tried to rekindle my love affair with video games and Sci-Fi (which I was able to do to a certain degree) - So it carried on like that for a while, me and the ex seemed to go from amicable to mortal enemies back to amicable every few weeks or so (10 points if you can guess if I was always in the wrong or not) and I was seeing my girls on a regular basis.

But like I mentioned in a previous post - I was lonely. I tried to date a couple of girls from work but that was a bad idea - one of them was a complete bitch who led me on for months and then when I was interested and keen she kicked me in the proverbials. The other was someone who was in a long term relationship, so obviously that one wasn't going anywhere. My best friend kept suggesting that I just enjoy singledom whilst I could, but that's easy to say when you're in a happy (sex filled) relationship isn't it?

So at the suggestion of a colleague I tried out internet dating (plentyoffish to be precise) and I'm so glad I did. I'll be honest, I'm not an ugly chap by any means but I've always lacked confidence in myself and this has caused me to not pursue members of the fairer sex as often as one of you may. If I'd had known how easy it was to arrange dates and meet woman on internet dating sites I would have done it a long time ago! I'm not talking anything seedy - I wasn't just trying to hook up with a girl to get my end away (though it would have taken the edge off I guess Ha-ha) I was trying to find someone who I had a connection with. It didn't take long - Within a couple of weeks of signing up and talking to a couple of girls here and there I received a message from a user named Cheekyrose "Fancy a chat?" she said...........