Monday, 9 July 2012

Large change part 2

In the end I managed to kick the sleeping tablet habit I was slipping into. Things just didn't work out with the ex, I tried my hardest to forgive her but it was no use, in the end the effort was just not worth it.
So I found myself single again. At first I loved it - I could do what I want, see who I wanted, buy what I wanted (within reason of course) eat what I wanted, etc. So things were pretty cool for a while.
But the loneliness sets in pretty quickly, doesn't it? And then the doubt starts to creep in "what if I never meet someone" etc etc.  You start getting stupid ideas like getting back with one of the ex's or being a complete bastard and lying through your teeth just to get into a girls pants. Not a pretty situation,  I'm sure you'd agree??