Friday, 27 July 2012

Turn up for the books

You know it's quite nerve racking going on dates with girls you've never met. I guess you get to know them a little bit from talking to them via messages on the dating sites but the written word can be misinterpreted very easily.

I just want to stop there for a second and pass on some advice. If you're single and need a bit of an ego boost sign up to one of those sites. Spend a bit of time creating your profile and post up a couple of "normal" pictures. Keep it happy and positive - I'm sure you'll have a couple of messages within the first week. Enjoy yourself and talk to a couple of people, but please be gentle with them , remember they are on there to try and find a nice guy who can treat them well - Don't go dragging it out for months without meeting them whilst the whole time they think there's a good chance you are boyfriend material.

So anyway.......I went on a couple of dates, they were fun, But I kept running into the same problem: I would get too attached to girls that I just didn't really feel much for. The first one I went on a date with: I got the impression she was a bit too high maintenance for me but I liked spending time with someone after being on my own for so long. We spent a couple of weeks texting each other (every day) and went on another date but she called it off when you she just "couldn't feel any chemistry" ah well on to the next one.....