Thursday, 9 June 2011


One of the things my ex did to try to hurt me was to return my cat....Now I know that doesn't sound very hurtful at all, but she was well aware that my dad doesn't like animals and knew that I wouldn't be able to keep her here. So one day she drops her off outside my house in a cat basket (without any warning) and texts me to tell me she's there. Now not only did this upset me more than the fact that I'd split from my ex (which is a little weird) the children loved that cat.

So now she finds out I've asked my sister to look after the cat and she's all like "I can't believe you would take the cat there, it stinks, it isn't clean, there's kids running round everywhere" "I've only got the cats interests at heart and the kids miss her, she'd be better off being looked after by me".......Now why didn't the b***h think of that when she gave her back?

Friends think she's only doing so that she can manipulate me again. I'm struggling with the fact that I don't want to believe that. Maybe a sneaky way to resolve the situation is to "give" ownership to one of the kids, that way she can't try and return it to hurt me without really upsetting the children (which I don't think she'd do).

It's sad that I have to resort to these sort of manipulative ways to ensure that I don't get crapped on.

Time to play some Titan Quest.