Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Take That and I'll take the kids!

I swear someone up there is messing with me. Yesterday I find out I've won an all expense paid trip to go and see Take That in Wembley in the Malibu (Pernod Ricard) VIP box via a sales competition at my old job (bloody hell, guess I am quite good at selling then!). "That's pretty cool" I say to myself, "maybe things are starting to look up?............"

No, I then receive an email from my ex girlfriend saying that the amicable arrangement between us (regarding me visiting the children) isn't working for her and it's making us both stressed out. So she's cancelled the visit I had planned this Sunday (yeah, Fathers day, that's right! Heartless much?) and that she wishes to go through official channels, and doesn't want me to contact her at all. At this point I just sit back in my chair and shake my head. What have I done to deserve this sort of treatment? I've not been abusive, I've always been generous and thoughtful, If I've a bad word to say about anyone I usually keep it to myself. It just baffles me how someone can be so heartless and uncaring. Not to mention the damage this must be causing the children.

Ah well, time to get hold of that solicitor I guess. Guess I'll play some Terraria while I wait.